Art Robinson Agrees to Debates

(and forums, too, if DeFazio debates)

So far, in 2012, Art Robinson has agreed to four opportunities to debate Peter DeFazio in a free and open format, controlled only by a time keeper to assure equal speaking times.

These include:

  1. Open real debate offered by Americans for Prosperity - Coos County Chapter.
  2. Open real debate offered by the Brookings Harbor - Tea Party.
  3. Lars Larson – who offered DeFazio and Robinson as much as 3 hours of his radio program.
  4. Associated Students of Oregon State University who, when Art asked them to sponsor a real debate rather than the forum that DeFazio requested, asked DeFazio to debate. The DeFazio campaign refused. Art has told them he will participate if the format is a real debate.

Actually, the question of who would sponsor a real debate between Robinson and DeFazio is not a problem. A free and open, time-keeper-only debate between Art Robinson and Peter DeFazio would draw a very large audience and media from all over Oregon. There would be no lack of sponsors from all sides of the political spectrum, and the format avoids sponsor bias.

  1. Art Robinson has also said that he will be delighted to participate in one of DeFazio’s forums for each real debate that DeFazio participates in with him. But, Pete won’t do it.  DeFazio has refused this offer.

DeFazio insists that he will not debate – he will not face his opponent man-to-man, without the protection of a moderator. He will only “forum” with sponsorship by his friends (although he likes to pretend that these forums are “debates”, even when the sponsors specifically state they are not).

DeFazio prefers to hide behind a moderator of his choice under rules that prevent his opponent from raising or discussing questions that DeFazio prefers not to address. DeFazio apparently realizes that neither his actual record in Congress nor the false claims in his smear campaign against Art Robinson can stand objective scrutiny.

DeFazio instead cowers behind his million dollar advertising campaign and keeps pointing at the mythical straw man “Art Robinson” that he has created to mislead Oregon voters.