Social Issues

Many people think that Congressional power should be used to mold the behavior of their fellow Americans in accordance with their preferences. The Constitution, however, provides very little such power to the federal government. Social issues are delegated by the 10th Amendment to the States and the people. Federal power should not be used to regulate most personal behavior.

There are important constraints. Most importantly and most controversially, the right to life of all Americans is and must be constitutionally protected.

There is sharp disagreement as to the definition of human “life.” Some people consider a baby, even while it is being born, to not yet be a human life. The 13-term career politician who represents Oregon District favors and votes for federal tax funding of all abortion, including partial birth abortion – the killing of a child while the child is being born.

I (Dr. Robinson) am very strongly “pro life.” I oppose human abortion and all federal funding of human abortion. With Americans strongly divided on this issue and a substantial percentage of voters opposed to abortion, it is self-evident that these tax payers should not be required to finance this activity.

I believe that a child is a human being before birth. Accordingly, that unborn child’s life should be protected as should all human life.

Having spent much of my professional life in medical research work – the goal of which is to increase the quality, quantity, and length of human life, the deliberate ending of a child’s life is the opposite of the driving ethic that has governed my life’s work. Our lives are no safer than the lives of the most defenseless among us, including our children.

The issue of federal funding for abortion is the only part of this dispute that is likely to come before Congress. I oppose such funding.