About Art Robinson


Rep. Greg Walden Endorses Art

"Art Robinson is a fearless scientist, author, educator, father and small business person. He stands up for the conservative values and principles that made our country great. Art brings new ideas and a fresh approach to tackling the problems we face in Oregon and across America. He's committed to helping get Oregonians back to work in the woods and in our mills and to restoring the economic vitality of our rural communities. He will shake up Washington and get America working again."

U.S. Rep. Greg Walden, R-Oregon 2

Endorsement - Ron Paul

Art Robinson Pictured With Dr. Ron Paul

Ron Paul renewed his endorsement of Oregon District 4 congressional candidate Art Robinson. This is the second time Dr. Paul has endorsed Art.

Along with the personal endorsement, Ron Paul’s Liberty PAC sent a $5,000 check to the campaign as a token of support for Art’s high profile campaign.

Life & Liberty PAC Endorses Art

June 11, 2012

Life and Liberty PAC is proud to again endorse Dr. Arthur Robinson for U.S. House of Representatives, Oregon Congressional District 4, in his rematch against liberal Democrat incumbent Peter DeFazio.

Endorsement - Scott Carpenter

Congratulations on the (painful, I suspect) decision to dilute your scientific research in Oregon with political work in Washington. ... Many will regret the loss of your continued, full-time dedication to science, but perhaps you can do more for your country by directing ...

Endorsement - Lars Larson

National talk show host Lars Larson endorsed Art on October 26, 2010.

Endorsement - Steve Forbes

Steve Forbes endorses Art Robinson for Oregon's 4th District U.S. Representative

I strongly endorse Art Robinson for election to the U.S. Congress. In the 15 years I have known Art, I have found him to be an outstanding scientist, a man of uncompromising integrity.