We’ve put up with career D.C. politicians making backroom deals and exchanging favors with special interests at the expense of everyday working families back home for too long.  Oregon deserves to be represented by people who will stand up for our great state and start solving problems rather than throwing political mud.

  • Putting Oregon First

    We’ve put up with career politicians jumping through Washington’s hoops for too long. Oregon deserves to be represented by people who will stand up for our great state and get Washington working for us again.

  • Bringing Jobs Back Home

    Oregonians know how to work hard, and they want to work hard. We’re pioneers, and proud of it. I’ll help turn Oregon back into a powerhouse state by working to create and protect more jobs across business, industry, tourism and education.

  • An Education Unique to Every Child

    I believe every Oregonian family should be able to educate their children the way that’s best for them, and every Oregonian should be able to choose the health care that works for them, not what Washington tells them they should have.

  • Cleaning Up The Washington Swamp

    Washington is rife with dysfunction, and it’s making life harder and harder for regular Oregonians. It’s time to fix things. I’ll work across the aisle to cut the deficit, balance the budget, and get government working for the people again.


Too Little Too Late on Rescuing Oregon’s Timber Industry


Some were surprised when 14-term Congressman Peter DeFazio backed Greg Walden’s Restoring Healthy Forests for Healthy Communities Act, (H.R. 1526), but I wasn't. After nearly 30 years in Congress, DeFazio only now realizes that his anti-jobs agenda may leave him unemployed when November comes.

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13 Years Ago... But No Time To Forget


Thirteen years after the horrific attacks of September 11, 2001, Americans from coast to coast unite in a solemn moment of unity and remembrance.  Our pledge to those who lost their lives thirteen years ago -- and in military campaigns overseas since then -- is to redouble our efforts to protect our homeland and ensure our own security through vigilance and the preservation of American strength.

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