We’ve put up with career D.C. politicians making backroom deals and exchanging favors with special interests at the expense of everyday working families back home for too long.  Oregon deserves to be represented by people who will stand up for our great state and start solving problems rather than throwing political mud.

  • Putting Oregon First

    We’ve put up with career politicians jumping through Washington’s hoops for too long. Oregon deserves to be represented by people who will stand up for our great state and get Washington working for us again.

  • Bringing Jobs Back Home

    Oregonians know how to work hard, and they want to work hard. We’re pioneers, and proud of it. I’ll help turn Oregon back into a powerhouse state by working to create and protect more jobs across business, industry, tourism and education.

  • An Education Unique to Every Child

    I believe every Oregonian family should be able to educate their children the way that’s best for them, and every Oregonian should be able to choose the health care that works for them, not what Washington tells them they should have.

  • Cleaning Up The Washington Swamp

    Washington is rife with dysfunction, and it’s making life harder and harder for regular Oregonians. It’s time to fix things. I’ll work across the aisle to cut the deficit, balance the budget, and get government working for the people again.



Straight Talk at the State Fair

OSF-Logo-FULL-COLOR.jpgThis weekend I visited the Oregon State Fair, which my family and I have considered a special part of summer going back more than 30 years. From the 4-H exhibition halls, the contests, and the occasional guilty pleasure of a corn dog or a funnel cake, it's always fun ... but this year it was work too. When you're running for Congress, events like the state fair give you the chance to meet hundreds of people in a single afternoon and you know what? Everyone I met this weekend told me they were sick and tired of the same old politicians in Washington who take us for granted because they are so worried about holding on to their own jobs they don't have a moment to spare worrying about whether they're any jobs back here in Oregon. I couldn't agree more!

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Coos Bay Deserves Leadership on Job Creation

For nearly 30 years, the people of Coos Bay and surrounding communities have been hoping for the shot to revive the economy and recover the jobs that hard-working folks there once had.  Changes in our state’s economy have not been kind to Coos Bay, which has endured the bitter irony of its natural beauty remaining constant while jobs in the natural resources industry have disappeared.  That is why the proposed Jordan Cove project is precisely the good fortune so many have been dreaming of, and why it deserves our wholehearted support – and the equivocating over this once in a lifetime opportunity must end.


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